Update 5/10/11

I’m ashamed to admit I ducked out of the Bath to Bournemouth bike ride. I’m not proud of doing it but after how mental the last few weeks have been I was simply exhausted. I had a buggered wrist and back from rugby, no stamina and my eyes killed from allegies and tiredness. My physical and mental state were telling me, enough is enough. After discussing it with Em we decided I needed to listen and take the day off. Which is what I did. I feel like a massive fraud though.
I set out on this challenge to be a success, knowing full well it would not be easy. So to give up on one ride as I felt tired is a bit wimpy really. I’m not going to be able to do this when I’m on day six of the ride so I need to man up and press on. I’ll take a couple of days off and prepare to hit the bike hard again hopefully. I have a 100 mile ride in two weeks and going to put everything into getting a great time on that ride.  I’m off to get some lights and winter kit on the way home so that means I can get out in the evenings a bit more then.
So this weekend we were taught a rugby lesson getting pasted 106 – 0 by Lydney 3rds. It was a hot day, the ground was solid and our opponents were utterly ruthless. But I loved it. I ran myself into the ground, I really don’t think I could have given anymore and I surprised myself. I made a couple of good tackles (I missed many, many more!), Carried the ball quite well I think (one stupid turnover under our posts apart) and tried to track back whenever I could (it didn’t help but I tried!) The question I ask myself is would I have done as well this time last year? Honestly no. I feel much fitter and my mindset is better. I gave my all that’s all I could do and I though all the lads did, we simply played a side 10 leagues above us who were much much better than us. This all finished me off though and was a big part in why I couldn’t ride Sunday but I’d have kicked myself if I didn’t play my dad’s hometown. And I enjoyed tackling the fat bastard prop!
             Training this week was as good as session as i’ve had at Dowtys, everyone put in 100% effort and it was a very productive session. If we take all of that forward into the  game        against Smiths at the weekend we’ll certainly be in with a chance of victory.

I also turn 30 this month. In an effort to get over this depressing idea i’m currently planning a 30th Birthday night out in Exeter. We will be going along to watch the glos game, dressed as 80s kids tv stars (i have no idea what my outfit will be yet!) then hitting the town. On the way back we’ll be calling via bristol for a charity rugby match against props which could be very messy! It should be a great weekend and i’m looking forward to it. It is however yet one more thing I need to organise and its not like I haven’t got enough of that!

So me and Em are now currently lodgers at my mums. And it feels weird. Moving out the flat was a massive massive stress. I left it all a bit to late really and apparently it wasn’t clean enough but its all done now. Its nice to have it all over. But now me and Em are in limbo till our application is successful and we can move into the flat. I cannot wait till we can live together properly, Em deserves better than what I’ve provided at the moment. Mum and Degs have been great to us, but I can’t help but feel we our under their feet. I don’t want them to think we are taking the piss with staying there, I think they thought they’d got rid of me years ago!
So its all been stresstastic for me and Em of late. So Sunday we decided to make the most of this stunning freakish weather. So we went off to Leamington, caught up with some old friends of Em’s, had a lovely lunch, went on a boat ride and  had ice cream, in 30 degree weather. In October! Madness! It was exactly what we both needed, we’ve not had much quality time together of late and it was appreciated and nice to just let all the stress go. We really do need to make more off an effort to have more days like that.
Fundraising: Now the quiz is out of the way its time to press on and get the next charity events locked in and organised. The amount of organising for events is just crazy and it feels like i’m forever firing e-mails back and forth to various people trying to get dates locked in etc. It’ll all be worth it if they get put into place, but it feels I’m no close to having anything confirmed yet and i’m eager to keep the great momentum I have currently going. But we should hopefully soon have a couple of rugby matches, a bike ride, another quiz type event and a world record attempt in place so watch this space!
At the moment the total currently stands at: £862.50 This doesn’t include the money from the quiz however, which is about £400 raised offline and some more to come in on the tinterweb.
If you need to pay anything in on the net or just wish to donate the address as always is:

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