When I say pub you say… Winston’s Wish Quiz Night at Teague’s Bar 30th September 2011

I know I’ve been a bit lame with my updates of late. Sorry about that I’ve just been super busy. I promise however to be a bit more detail in them this week. Starting with this report on Friday Nights Quiz. Russ

I must admit to being nervous about this event as I drove home from Weston on Friday evening. What with the moving out of the flat, my mind probably hadn’t been on this event as much as it should have been and I was worried that we wouldn’t have a good turnout. I was wrong on all counts and really glad that this was the case.

I shipped up just in time and thankfully the support team had done a fab job already. I really cannot thank Wills enough and his lovely wife Raines for all the prep work they had done before hand. Another good friend Becky was also a massive, massive help in getting everything set up as was Matt who arrived early to help. Leo who took the time out to write the quiz as well as be the quiz master was also another great help and provided some great prizes for the quiz.

So with everything ready in time, the contestants started to arrive and what a turn out it was. Over 55 people turned up. It was awesome to see so many good friends and hopefully I caught up with most of them throughout the course of the night. It was also amazing to have so many people I’d never met before or only know as a Facebook friend come along and support the cause. Whilst Leo provided a great quiz, Becky and Wills ran around like idiots serving up drinks and looking after the teams. I was a bit busy myself with trying and failing to be charming, collecting money for the raffle, entrance fees etc and poor Raines spent the night in the kitchen serving up food and was locked away working tirelessly. I cannot thank them enough and hope the token pressies went some way to showing how much I love and appreciate them all. A big thank you to Em for taking the pics you see in this here blog too.


We had a great response to the auction as well, we had a number of items and that alone raised £126. A big thank you to Cellar Supplies Cheltenham, Steve Williams, Leo, Stu Brookes and Simply Gym for donating the lots. However the biggest surprise of the night was Degs’ cuddly toy which went for £26 quid. Although I’m worried by how much Chris was liking the toy….7

We had the food shortly before this and poor Raines and Becky looked rushed off their feet, but they really did work hard to get it all out and make sure everyone was fed. It was then back to the quiz. We had the raffle after that was good fun, The Teweks girls won a lot of beer and I don’t think much of it will be left! Craig seemed chuffed when his team won the hobgoblin and Windy took home the top prize of the directors chairs. This didn’t go down well with the other Contestants when they learnt he was a Bath fan….

From what I can tell the quiz was a pretty close run thing, I think it could have gone to a number of team right until the end. However, there could only be one winner and that was ironically and the winner isn’t. With Dave’s Seaman second and 6 Friends and Ed third. What really touched me though was all the teams returned their prize money and I cannot state how much I appreciated this. It really made a massive difference to the total.

Then it was my least favourite moment of the night, the thank you speech. Public speaking isn’t my strong point but I really did appreciate everyone taking the time out to come along and support this event. I must say a massive thank you again to Wills, Raines and Becky. Teague’s bar for hosting the event and putting up with us, Cellar Supplies Cheltenham, Simply Gym, Derek Moseley. Steve Williams, Leo, Stu Brookes and Raines Williams for providing us with the prizes. A big thank you to Leo for taking time out to write such a great quiz and being such a brilliant host on the night, It wouldn’t have gone as well without him .

So we managed to raise a total of £650 quid on the night, so long as all the auction money comes in. I’m truly stunned by this amount, I feel like my fundraising really has got on the ground now. I need to step up my commitment to the training though as now their really is no turning back!


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