Since last time:

142.62 KM

Current total: 937KM

What a mental week this week is proving to be! My emotions have been all over the place, I’m tired, stressed, nervous, excited, motivated, burnt out, happy, angry all at once. Just got so much on its untrue! So with that lets get down to it….

Cycling: So since the ride Sunday, I’ve not had any time to get out on the bike. This week however that’s not a big issue, because on Sunday I will be riding from Bath to Bournemouth which is an 80 Mile ride and will get my total riding up and over a 1000KM. It’ll be nice after this week to just get on a bike and just ride, not thinking about anything else etc getting from point A to point B in as quick a time as I can. After last week I’d like to creep in under 7 hours. Once I’ve moved I can hopefully settle down into a more frequent riding routine, but at the moment I have to grab the time when I can!


Had a really good training session on Tuesday, with some tough graft in. We’ll need all this effort on the weekend as we’ll be playing the best side we are likely to play all season in Lydney 3rds! They are a bunch of old heads who’ve played national league rugby and really know what they are doing this will be a real test of us as a side. I think if we can be competitive for parts of the game and keep the score down we can be rightly proud. I just hope I don’t ache as much as I did last time, with a bike ride to do the next day!


Still really enjoyable but just continues to get busier and busier! I’m finding all the day to day management stuff difficult to get to grips with but coping fairly well with it I think! I’m sure my team may disagree however!


This is where everything is absolutely manic! I’m currently trying to move out of my flat into my parents and it’s an absolutely headache. I’ve accumulated so much crap and really don’t know if I will get it all done in time. In good new, me and Em have put in an application to rent a flat which I’m really excited about and can’t wait to get moved in. But all of the above, is making me super stressed, and when you add in the quiz stuff I’ve not had any downtime at all. I’ve had no time to just sit and mong out and its only now I realise how much I appreciate that! I’m paying the price now for trying to take too much on. Luckily my mates have been really supportive and amazingly helpful, I’d be even more in the shit without them And on that note I need to dash as I have moving to do…..


One thought on “Update

  1. good luck with everything. I am sure it will all work out in the end. i can’t even begin to tell you how amazing i think you are for doing all this stuff! i just wish we could be at the quiz with you tonight!

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