Quick update

So another eventful week has passed by with sadly yet again not enough time in the saddle. However this isn’t down to wanting to! The last week has just been absolutely manic.

Work continues to be so so busy, but I’m really enjoying it! I’m just trying to keep my head about water at the moment to survive the induction period, keep the to do list at a decent level and then I can really press on and get it nailed over the next few weeks to get on top of things. I love the daily interaction with staff and students again. I really missed it and go home actually feeling like I’ve done something productive with my working day. I’m still adjuting to having to manage but so far think i’m doing an ok job. I really feel the move was the right decision career wise. The commute isn’t too bad at the moment, although I’d much rather be traveling to work on my bike! Em has a few job interviews lined up, so please cross everything that she gets one of them so we can move nearer to Weston and get settled into a routine.

At the moment though, from next week I’ll have one day a week when I start at 10, so the plan is to get up at 6 as I normally would and get out on the bike before I go into work. Otherwise I’m just trying to grab the miles when I can, even if it is just simply cycling to rugby. I’m trying to get out on the weekends too, but with other commitments this has not proved easy. Once I’m living nearer to Weston, depending on the distance, I am going to explore the idea of cycling in at least a couple of times a week. In the meantime I’m doing all I can to maintain my fitness.I managed to clock up 27KM last night which is better than nothing!

Luckily I now am entering rugby season so this should help. I really cannot wait till our first game of the season on Saturday. I’ve missed playing, the competitive nature of the sport, the banter with team mates, the hits and even the pain afterwards. I feel fitter than I have before going into a rugby season so I really hope I can get a good season under my belt. We also have an extension to the touch season playing on a Sunday which gives me a bit more fitness time.Add in cycling and some swimming and that should keep it ticking over.

So basically my week can be summed up as busy and not enough saddle time, which is the frustration of all cyclists!


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