Update: What a week!

So after last week, this week has been pretty uneventful! I’ve not had much time in the saddle due to work and resting up, however work wise its been a great week and one that has me energised and excited. Hopefully from next week i’ll get the work/rugby/bike/em balance right and have a more interesting blog for you. But for now lets get to it…


This week: 189.29 KM

Ride total: 704.39km

So other than sunday i’ve  not really managed to get out on my bike too much in the week. I really miss the commute to work via bike, sat in a car on the M5 is not the same! However my legs certainly needed the rest after last sunday!

I’m hoping to get back out on the bike saturday and sundayand after that I’m going to make an effort to get out a couple of nights a week after work. With how hectic work has been and how tired I was after last week , I felt I needed to rest up. I feel good now and raring to get back to it, so hopefully that decision has paid off!

I’m well on my way to my target of 5,000 km by May when I leave for the ride. I’m hoping to hit a 1000km by the end of the month but thats not going to be easy now i’m driving to work, however, lets see what I can do!

The next ride is on the 25th September and I need to keep the training up ready for this. Its an 85 miler around Bristol, I need to be fit for this one as there looks to be some tough hills. The good news is my mate Ash has signed up to do this one and it’ll be nice to have some support on the ride.

I’ve managed to maintain my weight this week due to not doing much exercise, resting and the new job. From tomorrow though, the quest to get my BMI under 30, continues in earnest. My knee was giving me a bit of grief after the ride but feels good now, and all the aches, cramps and pains have thankfully gone, so I have no excuse but to crack on with it.


So Dowtys lost their first game of the season 65-5. It sounds quite a heavy defeat, but Longlevens are a far higher standard than we are. Watching from the sidelines I thought the lads all played admirably and the effort was there. The tackling needs work but they looked good at times.

I hated watching, I really wanted to be on the pitch, where I could at least make a difference. I can’t wait until the game in a few weeks against Minchinampton. I love playing so much and really missed it over the summer. I cannot wait to get stuck in!

Now standing at £525 which is nice and steady progress. With the quiz night to come at the end of the month, I’m confident of having a good portion of my £3500 sat on the justgiving page by the end of September.

I need to get back into organising the fundraising as its all stalled ever so slightly the last few weeks. I need to get into the habit of doing some after work now to make sure I don’t let the momentum drop.


The new job is going absolutely great. I’m really enjoying it and really do feel I made the right decision joing there.  This week I’ve already amassed a large amount of work to get done, but not really started to get into it, as this week has all been about getting the library ready. I really can’t wait to get cracking on this job, and its nice to be back in a position where I take pride in my work.

So not much to write about this week, but a few exciting developments but I need to say bye for now, as i’ve got a bike to ride!


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