100 Miles, take two

Well 118 miles to be precise. That’s what stands between me and being an Endurance cyclist sunday, its London or bust. I’ve got a few things to get ready before then.

I dropped the bike in Wednesday morning for a good service and some tlc. Its good to have my bike back and makes me more at ease in preparation for the ride. Knowing it is going to be checked over and in tip top condition helps.  I just need to make sure I have some spare inner tubes and get a new bike computer fitted before then.

I’m sure as you’ve seen from my earlier blog that last sunday hurt a lot. I wanted to cross that finish line, to have that moment  knowing the hurt, the pain, the torment, the miles, it was all worth it for that moment. This sunday I will get that moment, all being well. I’m resting up till then to be fit and the bike will all being well be in great condition. I’m crossing my fingers that the weather will be decent too.

Last week was meant to set my bench mark, see if I had what it take yet to complete a 100 mile ride. This week was to be the one, where I kicked on set a time and started to see how I could improve. With that in mind I’m going to push myself all the way and set a good time. I’m hoping to finish in a time around 8 and a half hours. I don’t know if I can but i’ll give it my all.

It won’t be easy I’m approaching this ride with respect and focus. But this one is different. I have my bike back and thanks to a service at striking bikes its in great nick. I have the correct inner tubes, i’m stocked up on food and gels. Barring an injury i will get my fat arse over that finish line. There are a few things I need to do before then.

My mate Wills, will hopefully be playing his first game of rugby for my boys, Dowty RFC in our first game of the preseason against Longlevens RFC. I’m gutted i can’t be lining up alongside him but I’ve let my head rule my heart this time and decided not to play, i don’t want an injury and want to be 100% going into sunday. I know the boys will look after Wills and he’ll play a cracker i’m sure, i’ll be there to berate him if he doesn’t!

I’m a relcutant spectator, I hate watching I’d much rather be playing on the pitch making a difference. I miss the hits and intensity of the game. The next game on the 17th September seems a long way away and I can’t wait to play.

I’ll also be saying good bye to my old job this week. Friday is my a last day and i’ll be sad to go. I’ve some happy times there and its really helped me develop professionally. But its time for a new challenge and one I look forward to getting cracking on.

Finally Monday i’ll hopefully be going to get my bike back from Brizzle, celebrating a great finish time and then off to my step dads birthday barbecue

Have a good one everyone i’ll see you on the other side of the finishline.


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