Update – Bricking it

So I’m six days and counting till what I class as the first real test of my training presents itself – A 180km ride around Wales including up into the Beacon’s!

I’m getting really nervous about it now and probably heaping tons more pressure onto myself than I really need to. It’s going to be a tough route, there are some really tough climbs, which really aren’t my strong point. I just hope I can finish as I’ll be gutted if I don’t get over the finish line. It’s really important to have a positive attitude in cycling, the easier you imagine the ride to be,  the easier it is, so I’m trying hard to block out the negativity and focus on the positives. I’ve trained hard, I’m in better condition that I was when I started, I’m a stubborn bastard and I’m not going to give up. I’ve not set a target time for this event,if I need to stop I will, I’ll eat and drink frequently. I don’t care if it takes me 12 hours, this day is all about getting my bike and fat arse over that finish line and sticking a finger up to the self doubt I suddenly have creeping in.


This week: 133.53 KM

Total since comp brought: 391. 10km

I didn’t get out on the bike as much as I’d like this week for a variety of reasons. however, I had a productive ride with Ash yesterday. We did a 50km route including some tough hills out to Cam and Dursley then looping back through Stonehouse. I came across the toughest hill I’ve faced in Upley, an 800 foot climb that was insanely steep and I’m ashamed to say this one beat me. I stopped twice  as I just needed a breather. The third time I just could not clip into the pedals and push up the hill, so I had to walk up. I’ve not been this annoyed with myself since I begun riding. I’ll be back to that hill and i WILL get up it.

However, it might be just what I need. Sometimes I get a bit cocky with how well I perceive I’m doing and a bit of humility going into Sunday could be useful. I’ll be approaching the hills of Wales with utter respect and knowing I’ll need to give it my all to get up them.

This week I’m commuting to work as normal. I have rugby training Tuesday and touch on Wednesday. After that other than the bike to work, I’ll be reining it in ready for Sunday. I’ll need to start building up my carbs in prep for the ride. I want to be as ready as possible for it and I’ve also checked the bike and will give it a final once over before Sunday.

So training continues to go well and I can definitely see an improvement and my improving fitness is helping a lot. As I’m not blowing out my arse so much, I can focus more on what I’m doing. I’m really hoping for a good season for me and the team. The first game is next week and looking forward to it, however I have to think about how much I’ll be playing as have a 118 mile bike ride the next day!

Touch comes to an end this wed. Sadly, we didn’t make the semi-finals but so chuffed with the team. The effort has been amazing and been great fun to play in. On a personal level, I’ve somehow bagged 5 tries which is a personal best.


So I’ve dropped another 2 pounds which is good. BMI is now 30.56 and the target of being under 30 is now insight! I need to lose another 8 pounds. After that I want to kick on and drop as much as possible. It’s nice to be getting to a stage where I’m not as embarrassed about how I look, but still got a long way to go.


Not much in the way of actually funds coming in last week but good progress being made nonetheless.

The one idea that is going to be almost as big a test as the actual bike ride is coming together well and looks really exciting. Don’t want to give much away at this stage, but watch this space!

I’ve had a decent amount of friends pledge money, but not give it yet as they are waiting to see if I’m actually going through with it! I don’t mind that as its good motivation to keep going and know that the money will come in at some point.

The quiz night looks like it will be a great night; we’re still looking for some prizes etc so if you can donate anything please contact cyclingfordad@wordpress.com.

As always if you want to support me you can donate at:


the continual messages of support are just as appreciated though!


  • Notice periods really are soul destroying periods. I just want to press on with the new job. I’m getting loads done here that will be of benefit to the uni but i just want to hit the new job now.
  • I’ve not seen anyone put in as much effort to find a job as Em, and she really does deserve a break! She’s going through a tough time at the moment and i’m so proud of how she keeps going. It really does help keep me motivated on my goals as my whinges are trivial compared to hers!
  • Last two weeks in a row we’ve been 1st and 2nd at the pub quiz. I was convinced I knew the answer to the snowball question this week, so was gutted when I was wrong.
  • Looks like I may have to move back to my parents for a bit before me and Em get a flat what with housemate moving out. Whilst depressing to be living at home and nearly 30, it does mean I can save some money towards the new place.


So last time I told you something I inherited from my dad, this time i’ll share something I didn’t get; his skill with Maths.

At my dad’s funeral, the one memory I have that brought a smile to my face was a story an old school friend told of his. Dad was really good at Math as a kid and was that good, he made a decent amount of pocket money from getting money for doing other kids homework. That’s the kind of thinking I wish I had as a kid, I’d have been rivalling Alan Sugar by now if I had!

This weeks Quotes:

“And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high.”  Ayrton Senna

“Fear has its use but cowardice has none.”  Mohandas Gandhi

Two things scare me. The first is getting hurt. But that’s not nearly as scary as the second, which is losing. Lance Armstrong


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