1 Week, 2 Weeks

1 Week = First century bike ride

2 Weeks = Last day of work

So first off i’m sorry for the lack of updates this week. I’ve had a pretty stressful week and not had much time to do anything really.

After a lovely weekend with Em, I recieved a bit of a surprise Monday when my flat mate told me he wanted to move out of September. I didn’t take this news to well, as he probably could have announced it better. To be fair, I can understand his reasons for it, I’m moving at somepoint anyway although I can’t give him a definate date.

This has meant a fair bit of stressing and figuring out where I’ll live till the Emster gets a job in Bristol (which she is wokring her arse off to do, so fingers crossed won’t be long.) and hopefully have some contigency plans in place till then.

Then there was all the excitment of the riots. Sadly this spread to Gloucester too and happened not to far from where I live. Although I was so tired I slept straight through it! The first I heard of it was in the morning when the road outside the old campus was shut and I had to cycle a different way to work. I’m luckier than a lot of people that thats all I had to endure. People are homeless, lost buisness and tragically in some cases lives because of criminality. You can windowdress it all you like, people are angry at cuts, cause someone was shot or because they want to stick it to the man. None of that gives anyone the right, to take away another persons home, business or life! There are legitimate ways to gripe, stealing a PS3 doesn’t seem a way to show the world your unhappy.

I find it pretty ironic that the people moaning about being in poverty, planned the riots on blackberrys. I’m sure the people of Syria would happily trade places with you.

In amongst all of this, I’ve continued to train on the bike but not as hard as last week due to work being a bit more hectic. However over the weekend I’ve planned a couple of 50km rides that will hopefully have me ready for next sunday. In the week I’ll wind the training down a bit and get myself ready for sunday, its going to be a massive, massive test for me. I’m getting pretty nervous about it. Do I have what it takes to go over 100 miles in the Welsh hills? I’m begining to wonder if I should have built up to this more etc etc. But I know thats the gremlins trying to get to me, I think of dad, Em, my family and friends, all those supporting me and my determination comes back.

Work is stepping up a bit now, I think they are keen for me to have the system in good nick for when I leave, so giving me loads to do. Which is good as the time is flying by and i’m not sat here feeling useless. I’m excited and nervous about the new job which is a big step-up.

I realised the other day when Em mentioned it, that it was around this time of year that Dad killed himself. Yet I cannot remember exactly when it was. I know I was on school holiday, ready to start senior school, so I think June, July sometime. Isn’t it strange that I cannot remember the date of the darkest day of my life. I’m ashamed to say I can’t even remember how many years ago it was. (1992 I think)

I don’t do this deliberately I think its a mental way of protecting myself, I choose to remember happier events like my dad’s birthday instead. I don’t pick specific days to remember my old man. It just happens, sometimes even now i’ll miss him like mad fro no reason at all. Other times I’ll find myself pondering something about him from the past for no obvious reason. So to me remembering the date is not important (although i’ll never forget the day, its burnt into my memory, seeing people try to perform cpr, the ambulance, the moment mum told me he was gone… no matter how much I try to forget that I can’t) just remembering my dad is what is important.

And if not for winston’s wish I don’t think I’d have come to terms with that, thats why I have to do this century ride, I have to be ready for the challenge to make some money to thank them.

I’ve been so touch by the support I’ve had so far I still have 9 Months to go, and have not really started the fundrasing drive. Yet I’ve already raised £485, which is awesome. I cannot thank people enough nor explain to them how much it means to me. If you want to support me, you can do at this link:


I’ve had money from people I don’t even know which amazes me.


Hope you all have a fab weekend whatever you are doing!




One thought on “1 Week, 2 Weeks

  1. Hi Russell. Been a bit behind in readng your blog cos we have been away in Bali, but i am catching up now. I really admire what you are doing, and I am so sorry I am not back home to support you. You know Will and I would be at your quiz in a shot!!! Keep up the efforts and I will endeavour to spread the word for you. Take care. x

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