Update 8th August

So, another busy week has been and gone, and yet again i’m left to wonder how it flies by so quickly! A real mixed bag of a week with some really good moments and some rather sucky ones, so lets get down to it:

This week: 159.19 Kilometers

Total since trip computer: 257.57KM

A much more productive week out on the bike, including a decent 50km ride around some tough hill in the shire. I paid for it though as coupled with the rugby led to some serious over training which i’ve not quite recovered from and i’m now knackered. I’m getting increasingly cross at myself for failing to get the balance between too much/ not enough training right, however I think i’m getting there slowly.  Part of the problem is not listening to my body enough when it says; ‘listen fatty you may want to go out on the bike but i’m fooked and need a break.’

I’m definately doing what I can to tackle this though and working really hard to get my diet right. A bit of a lapse this week though when I went out for two rubys, so I need to knock that on the head! On the plus side though the hills are getting easier and I can go further on the longer training rides, which with less than two weeks to the first century ride is good news…..


The fundraising continues to move along nicely. We’ve now had 6 Tables book up for the quiz, there is still room to book up though so please e-mail: cyclingfordad@gmail.com to book a place!

I’m now up to a total of £485 and as always if you wish to sponser me, you can at:



The rugby continues to go well and helping boost my fitness. The last week was a tough week of training. Tuesday was a tough session and I was pleased that I kept pressing on and was able to really get through the circuits. It’s making a big difference to my game, I’m definately a better player, simply because i’m not as tired and can think about what i’m doing when on the pitch a lot more.

I played two games of touch wed and I was exhausted after! It really does test your fitness, however I think I played pretty well and I was pleased to bag 2 tries which has given me my best number of tries in a touch season with a sizzling four!


* With only three weeks till the new job starts its getting harder and harder to stay motivated in the current job and my mind keeps wandering to the new one.

* My housemate wants to move out soon so it looks like I may have to go to mums for a bit if me and Em don’t find a place before then.

* My thoughts are with those affected by the London Riots.


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