Update for the week….

Right going to try and keep my update blogs in a consistent format from now on. The more meaningful ones will be as rambly as usual i’m sure!

This weeks been a busy one so i’m sorry if this post drags on a bit! Anyway from now on i’ll split the updates into the categories below:

Cycling: So this week I managed to cycle a total of 98.38Km. Which is not as much as i’d like especially with such a big ride coming up! However i’ve managed to lose another 4 pounds last week so progress has been made that way. I need to lose another 12 pounds to get my BMI under 30 which means notest for the ride which would be the ideal. Actually the ideal is to get as close to 14 stone as possible! Hopefully I’ll clock up some more meaningful miles this week, and get out on a decent ride over the weekend. I really need to get the hill climbs nailled before Wales! I have however now invested in some Camois cream and a recovery drink so starting to look more like I know what I’m doing!

Fundraising: As I’m on my notice period work has been dead, i’ve had all my work taken off me. So this has given me ample time to start trying to get the fundraising really organised.

The quiz is coming together nicely, we’ve put together this poster that explains it a lot easier than I could:

e-mail me at cyclingfordad@gmail.com for more info.

A big thank you to my good mate Wills for all the help in getting this together.  A big thank you to St Austell Brewery, Wadworth Brewert, Molston Coors, Thatchers Cider, Magners UK, Adnams brewery, moles brewery and Cellar Suppliers Cheltenham for all their kind donations.

I’m really looking forward to this event should be a great night!

Other events are coming together well and more details as they become available.

Rugby: I’m busy with Rugby organising some games for the Shedweb Lions and Dowtys too. I’m pleased with how i’m training but still frustrate myself doing silly things so need to keep pressing on in training.


  • I’m buzzing about starting my new job but nervous at the sametime.
  • Weddings are a great thing to go to. Was great to see such a close friend looking so happy and it made me appreciate just how lucky I am to have Em
  • Lee Evans live is about the funniest person he the world. He just slays me.
  • Having a car is expensive.

Finally to finish off each blog I though a little snippet or two about my old man. I want to give people an insight into who he was and what he meant to me.


So the biggest thing I inherited from my Dad is his love of rugby, especially Gloucester. He lived and Breathed it. I remember going to a cup final with him and him not uttering a word for the whole journey home when Glos lost. I love the sport and got that from him. When I was younger I never really appreciated going to the game with him, like all kids I took it for granted. Now, i’d kill just to go to one game with him, stand beside him like an adult, drinking a beer and talking shit about the game. Its a stupid little thing I know but it really is true its the little things you miss.

And a secret confession; my dad never got to see Glos lift the title, So I may actually ball my eyes out because of this when they eventually do it, just for how proud he’d have been.

However I can comfort myself in being lucky enough to have a girlfriend who loves the team like I do and I know will be there to support me the day this happens.

This weeks quote:

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” – Lance Armstrong


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