So last week was a pretty hectic week off. Life seems to be manic of late (very much in a good way though!)

So my week started off with the annual fat bloke sevens and what a great weekend it was, Possibly the best one yet. We had two teams entered which meant we played double the games of the other teams, but still made both semi finals with a record of played 8 won 8. Sadly the two sides in the semi’s were far too good for us but the effort everyone put in was amazing and was great to be a part of:

As good a bunch of lads as you're likely to meet

We even won team of the tournament. I pleased myself with my work effort, I didn’t play amazingly well but I covered a lot more ground than I ever previously would have, so the fitness is starting to show. Sadly the try continues to elude me though! The sat night was fancy dress, and this year the theme was kids TV:

After the weekend it was off to Em’s Parents in Dorset for a few days. (not before a monday morning bike ride that nearly killed me after the weekend!) It was a nice break and good  to get away for a bit, including a nice visit to Burton Bradstock and the beach:

It was lovely and relaxing but sadly I couldn’t stay too long as had so much to do in my time off!

So on return to Gloucester I had my verbal offer of the Weston Job which is exciting and I can’t wait to start! Its going to be such a challenge and push me to the next level work wise but I can’t wait. I’ll have to commute to Weston to start with so have brought a car in preparation. I’ll miss the cycle into work so going to have to make time in the week to get out on the bike and not let the training slip. As soon as Em gets a job (shes gone for a load lately so cross everything she gets one of them!) We’ll probably move to Bristol to be a bit nearer the workplaces. All exciting stuff and can’t wait till we move in!

Cycling wise I’ve finally got a computer fitted to the bike and its made a massive difference to my mindset, as I can monitor it to make sure I keep a steady pace. As well as this I can accurately measure the distances I’m doing etc.

The next ride is a biggy:


At 180Km (111 Miles) its going to be a big test of my fitness but i’m determined to rack up a good time so the training continues!  I’ve been doing as much hill training as possible as the terrain is described as: Tough with rolling hills and steep climbs throughout! This could be painful. I”m really looking forward to all the rides coming up though.

Been trying really hard again to improve the diet. Mornings are now museli, with a bananna and recovery drinks after the ride. Its all helping and I certainly feel fitter for it.

And best news of all, is today I handed in my notice so a new chapter of my life, really is about to start…


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