Reality check

Well what I thought would be a pretty chilled week has become quite a hectic one, added with a healthy dose of reality.

The reality came from Tuesday beep test. I went into this feeling pretty confident and self-assured. Surely all this fitness work would have yielded results by now. How wrong could I be! I was struggling pretty quickly and had to give everything I had just to make the beeps, I pushed and pushed but the truth was I just wasn’t quick enough. In the end I had to drop out at 6.5 well short of my level 10 target. I had no excuses to hide behind I gave it my all but it just wasn’t enough. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself after training.

The hectic because I have a job interview, that includes a bitch of a presentation and needs loads of prep work if I’m to have a chance of getting the job. And I really want it, which is a problem as it’s the jobs I really want I usually don’t get. So my spare time is taken up prepping for this. Now a few short months ago, all of this would have led to me wilting under the pressure and I’d have folded like a pack of cards.

However thanks to some new found mental strength and the support of some good friends I’ve turned all of this into a positive. The first amazing support is Em, who just will not let me give up on myself. She puts up with all the crap I give her and still sticks around for more! If I even look at a mars bar at the moment she’s there to tell me off! She also listens to me moan and moan and moan without getting fed up with it!

The next good mate to help is Paul T, who has challenged me to hit level 10 on the beep test by the end of the summer and he’s going to try and do it with me! The solace I took from the beep test, is that I kept pushing myself to the end and never gave up which would have been the easy thing. I’m going to have to put the effort in to get there but it’ll be worth it when I do. Moving swiftly on to Wills who is being ace in helping me get all the fundraising stuff up and running, it a huge help and lets me focus on getting my fat self in shape.

And the finally friend to thank, is an old boss Paul, who has been great in giving me ideas for the presentation and been a good sound board. I feel a bit more confident about the interview and will give it my best shot.

And the final motivation has been music, some of the below have particularly helped keep my spirit up:

‘I’m so glad this has taken me so long, ‘cause it’s the journey that has made me so strong’

‘I was too weak to give in, Too strong to lose’

Right on that emo note, it’s time to get back to some interview prep, before rugby training tonight…..


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