Some random scribblings

I hate it when it’s sunny and I’m stuck in the office. I especially hate in now I’ve got into cycle, as my mind wonders into what route I could be taking or how good it would be to be out on the bike. Part of me is already on its way to Lands End which is a pain as I’ve got 10 months to go. When I wrote that down that’s actually pretty scary as its really not that far off and I’ve still much to do in the way of training and in the way of fund raising!

So over the weekend I went out with my buddy Ash F again for a tough hill climb session over 37 miles or so Sunday morning and good was it hard work!  It started off with Edge hill which is a horrid hill, with lots of bends and changes of gradients and it goes on for what feels like forever. My legs burned like crazy, I had no steady breathing and wobbled all over the place but I got up the bloody thing! Ash was suitably impressed as he didn’t think I’d do it first time and to be fair neither did I! I couldn’t do the hill on the way to Harscombe though, that beat me! The rest of the route was good fun though and I’m going to do it as much as possible to start training for the hills I face in the future.

I ordered a computer for the bike today, so I can start accurately measuring distances I’ve covered, my cadence and speed, which is all vital info if I’m to carry on improving.

This week I’m planning to really get the ball rolling on the fund raising front. I need to start getting prizes etc and booking venues and the like. Anyone who wants to lend a hand with this need only shout me.

The diet has laxed a bit the last few week and I’m firmly around the 16 stone 3 mark, so I need to intensify my efforts to burn off the weight. With that in mind if you see me with a chocolate bar in my hand punch me!

A few over random notes from the week:

  • Em didn’t get the job at UWE – this sucks
  • It’s her birthday next week – this is good as I get to spoil her
  • I have got her so of the most awesome presents ever
  • I have the bleep test at rugby Tuesday – this not awesome
  • I scored a try at touch wed and think we have a good team.
  • Cycle gels may be the most disgusting things ever
  • I have got an amazing outfit for the fatblokes fancy dress
  • The Biffy Clyro live album is amazing and great to cycle too!

That’s all this time I’ll catch you all later!


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