Goals and Targets….

So now I’ve had time to recover from the weekend ride, I’ve been taking stock of where I am with the cycling and what else I need to do. And the answer seems to be (and please excuse the language fucking loads!)

However I’m feeling really motivated about it, so I’m trying to strike whilst the Iron is hot. I’ve just signed up to do a Tour of Britain stage for Prostate Cancer in Wales. Which will take me through the Brecon Beacon and plenty of other hills so should give me some good training for the main event next may. What I’m finding though is I’m not just signing up to the events for the cycle to come in May, I’m doing it because I’m loving being out on the bike and want to stay out on it as much as possible!

Outside of the cycling I need to step up the fundraising and trying to plan some events a bit more seriously and should hopefully have something’s finalized soon, which will go a long way towards hitting my fundraising target. One of the ideas is really quite exciting but I can’t say too much just yet! I’m truly humbled by all the offers of support my friends and loved ones are giving me, it makes me more and more confident I can make a good total. I notice not to many are keen on the cycling although a few people are joining me on some of the events. Em even wants to do the London to Brighton cycle next year!

So on lunch I was reading through cycling plus and came across a good article which asked people to complete the following and I think it would be a useful exercise so I’m giving it a go:

Reasons to Ride:

Honestly because I love it. It started out with a urge to do something to honour dad and I can’t honestly explain why I choose to cycle. I know he enjoyed it and loved watching the tour de France. I never really understood the appeal when I was younger and never really got to talk it over with him. I did however get ‘it’ as soon as I finished the first ride. It’s the challenge, it’s just you and a flimsy bike against the elements and I love it. I’ve never done something that’s pushes me as mentally and physically. I love rugby but I find cycling another level of challenge.

Weaknesses: Unfit, bad diet, lack of time



To complete a 100 mile event in under 9 hours. To clock over 200 miles before the end of the year on the bike .

To loose a stone and a half in weight to get under a bmi of 30.

Long Term:

To complete the Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle

To complete the Fred Whitton event in the Lakes which is meant to be the toughest challenge you can do in the UK.


So currently I’m signed up to do the following rides:

21st August – Tour of Britain Wales Stage – 180KM

28th August – Action 100 – Bristol to London – 117 Miles

25Th September – Bristol Cycle – Bristol – 85 Miles

2nd October – Bath to Bournemouth – Bath – 88 Miles


So I’ve now over a month off to prepare now for two of the hardest events in my life! On consecutive weekends! Smart move Russ! I’ll have to get out on the bike as much as possible over the coming weeks. It really is time to put up or shut up, which means a healthy diet, less beer and more training!

It’s great that I seem to have a few people reading, if your one of them leave a comment and let me know!

As always if you enjoy reading and can spare a bit then please sponsor me:



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