The peddles keep on turning….

So after much nagging from Em i’ve finally switched to using the SPDS. After falling off about 4 times I think I’ve got the hang of them! And I’ll never here the end of it but she was right to get me to use them. Other than getting use to unclipping at lights its making riding so much easier!

The training continues to go ok, although I always feel I should be out on the bike more. I love it, its complete escapism, bit of music playing and I away from reality and the only challenge is the next hill.

I’m off round to my mate Ash’s tonight, to look at a Bike he thinks might help me. Hes of the opinion i’m to tall for the bike I’m using so going to see what we can do about that. He’s doing the Worcester bike ride with me on Sunday and it’ll be nice to have some company for a change and someone to force me to go a bit quicker!

I’m definately getting the bug for the riding. I love the bike Em’s dad is lending me, its a bit like me, old(ish), needs a lot of maintance but always gets the job done! I really want my own Bike though so hoping to have some joy tonight as not got masses of money to chuck at one. If not I think Em’s dad’s bike is more than up to the task.

Starting to really swat up on the techie stuff of cycling so I at least sound like I know what i’m talking about! I never knew Cadence, wattage etc could be so important! I really do feel out of my depth sometimes and got a lot to do to address that.

Finished reading Lance Armstrongs first book today; it really is inspiring stuff. I can’t relete to him on the Cancer stuff, but I know what it feels like to want to prove people wrong. When I first lost dad I was so determind to show the poeple I felt had given up on me. And I can so relate to his stuff on cycling in the book. It really is worth a look.

Father’s day past by uneventfully for me, I never really miss dad anymore (or less) on that day, I spent it fixing the bike, getting it ready for sunday. I think of Dad lots but its never for any particular reason, the other day it crept up on my when I was out cycling for example. Having a lovely girlfriend who keeps me busy on fathers day help though.

However, in the past fathers day was like hell for me, and if not for the support of family and Winston’s wish I’d not have coped. So many people lose a dad, mum or sibling much to young and rely on Winstons Wish’s to get them through those days. Its for them and dad that I kep the peddles rotating.

I’m so close to being ten percent of the way to my goal now just a fiver short, so if you want to help me get there please dontate:

Catch you all soon,



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