Its all starting to pay off….

So the other day I weighed myself using wi fit. I suppressed the urge to hurl the stupid thing out the window as I was greeted with the usual ‘ouch’ you get when you stand on it; and waited with the usual impending doom as I stood on the think waiting for it to weigh me.  It was an especially bleak wait this time as i’ve been slacking a bit lately due to the time off work and a bit of partying with friends for various reasons. Not to say i’d been slacking as i’d been to circuits, rugby etc and found time to get out on the bike; but confident off a good result I was not.

So colour me surprised when the results came in. I’m now as light as I was when I finished uni back in 2003. Now I say light i still weigh 16 stone which is a lot even for an elephant, but i’m pretty chuffed with my progress. I’ve got another stone and 2 pounds to loose to achieve my target of getting my bmi down and would like to get to around 14 eventually but for now i’m taking it one step at a time.

The next big ride is approaching when I take on 50 miles in Worcester on the 26th June and honestly i’m really looking forward to it. I’m really enjoying being out on the bike. Work is a real chore of late and its great to unwind on the bike on the way home. No can get hold of me and bother me, i can forget the stresses of the day and just unwind. It test you mentally as well as physically and I’m finding a lot out about myself.

You won’t be saying ouch for much longer wi fit you cheeky little bas….


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