The Wedding and back to it…

Well what a manic weekend that was, we had to bust are arses after a few mishaps with the marque, but when Williams/Walker team come together it seems they can put on an epic wedding!

It was a long weekend but so much fun and it was an honour to be my best mates Wills best man. I’ve never seen him look so happy as that day and him and his wife, Raines deserve all the happiness and years together they get. I’m sure they are currently having a fab honeymoon in Turkey as we speak!

As for my experiences of the wedding I thought it went well, I did my best to be a good best man and I think I did ok. I was so nervous about doing the speech but it seemed to go down well:

I had such a great time, with loads and loads of mates, who all looked fantastic:

And Em looked beautiful

Now i’m recovering with two weeks off of week but no time to let up, as i ‘m still out and the bike training hard for the next event in June.


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