I survived….

And not only that I did rather well I think. I finished the route in 2 hours and 50 minutes, which was 40 mins under my target time. But boy was it hard work!

The hills were steep, at one point I managed to fall off of Stanley Hill when reaching the top. However that was the only time I stopped.  Once I got going I love it and am definately getting the bug! The route was a really good one and took in some beautiful scenary in the Cotswolds.

I learnt a lot of key things:

  • I really need to work on my hill climbs, I lost a lot of time on them.
  • Whilst going up hill sucks going down hill is great, great fun!
  • I need to keep improving my Cadence
  • A good energy drink is vital
  • I’m actually a bit fitter than I though
  • The mental battle is a large part of it
  • Cycling is fun

I already looking forward to the Worcester event. I also have two weeks off after friday so going to try and get another couple of decent rides in during that time. It took me up until today to recover from it, but hopefully my recover times will only improve.

Also today I finally got to work in under 40 mins which I’m chuffed with, now to break the 35 min mark.

Finally I leave you with a few pics:

Horace enjoyed the ride too, although he struggles to reach the breaks!

I’ll be back with more bike related stuff soon, so long as I survive giving a best mans speech saturday!


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