Easter Break

Hope everyone has had a good Easter. I had a busy but fun one. Hope Horace entertained you all in my abscene. He’ll be back with a blog soon, but right now he’s busy getting himself in shape!

So its been a busy week or so since I last blogged. I had my first issue with the bike last monday. I had what I thought was a puncture, and stupidly didn’t have a pump or repair kit with me. I have already therefore learnt my first valuable cycling lesson; always have those bloody things with you! Turns out however it wasn’t a puncture, but the valve had ripped clean away from the inner tube! Thats now been replaced.

However, the bike Em’s dad has provided me has been brilliant and making the cycling much easier. My average time to Chelt is now around 45 mins and i’m not getting as tired and recovering quicker. Hopefully the times will drop below 40 mins and still need to get out on the bike a bit more ready for the BHF event on the 15th May.

At the moment though most of my time is going into getting the Shedweb game in place, its taking a lot of organising but I think it will be a great day if it all comes off.  I still need raffle prizes, volunteers and touch teams so drop me a line if you want to get involved!  Or if you want to sponsor us the link is:


So far we’ve made a £100 pound but really want to hit a £1000 which would be fantastic. The guys are working hard to put on a great game and would be great to see it rewarded with a good sum made for charity.

We had a good contact training session at dowty rfc last night and we’re starting to look like a team. The last two years the Cherrypickers have just had enough to see us off, but i’d really like to be captain of the first team to win the game!

So this week I’m doing lots of rugby and next week also, after that be back to circuits and cardio to keep up the fitness drive. During all of this i’ll be out on the bike as much as possible.

So far i’ve raised around £185 quid which is brilliant, and if you want to add to that you can do so at:


Had a fab weekend, which included first two bbqs of the summer 🙂 Got to borrow my mums car for the day sunday so had a lovely drive with Em and then got to play cricket. Glos losing was the only down side. Hoping for another ace long weekend this one. before stressses of exam period at work and getting game organised.

Whatever you’re doing have a good one,




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