Meet Horace

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself; I’m horace and as you can see from my pic i’m a bear:

And a damm handsome one i’m sure you’ll agree! I’m Russell’s flatmate and resident pet. I’ve never ventured far from my natural habitat of his bedroom but thats about to change. See the fatso has been whinging about the lack of company he’ll have on his Land’s End to John O’Groats trip. He gets a bit diva like when he’s in a bad mood, to the point he called me Podgy! Me! Podgy! that makes me a sad bear!

So long story short i’m going with him, a) He’s my friend and I want to keep him company and encourage him. b) to not be podgy c) to make money for charity and d) this Winston fellow seems a nice fellow, he must be he’s a bear like me!

So i’m going to go with him and get lots of nice pictures and see the country, it’ll be fun! (well for me, what fatso doesn’t know is i’m not doing any peddling, he can jog on if he thinks i’m doing that. Or peddle makes no difference to me what he does.)

Now what I need you nice people to do is sponsor me and make this journey worthwhile. Winston needs lot of money to help all the children who have lost a loved one and I want to help him (don’t worry i’ll make sure he doesn’t spend it all on honey!)

Here’s the link please support me and Russell:

Typical I’m going with him and I don’t even get a mention in the URL! grrr

I’ll check back in from time to time and say hello, although not that often its bloody hard typing with paws!

Bye bye,

Horace D Bear.


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