First week of riding – its great!

So I’m on the train to see em in Maiden Newton for the weekend. Its a cracking day for a ride, I’ve got the bug already!

I’ve ridden to work every day this week and I won’t lie I’ve been knackered doing it! However the feeling I get after doing it is great, a mixture of pride, accomplishment and wanting to get back out on the bike!

The depressing thing is thus far I’ve only done 14 miles a day and the shortest distance on the ride is about 76 miles! I’m not looking past the bhf event in may at the moment though!

I’ve discovered quickly I need a decent pair of gloves, mine are trashed already!

Having a look at the bike I’ll be using today and hopefully getting some kit for it.

Away from the bike, I’ve decided to give up the pop for a month to see how it aids the weight loss.

In may I will deffo be having a beer after the charity match which is coming along well, the kit was ordered yesterday and a big thank you to all who helped out.

The weather has been great of late and helping with motivation. The soundtrack to all this at the moment is the national, arcade fire and the boxer rebellion who you should check out!

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for the fantastic support please keep it coming!


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