Aye Pet…. Oompah Loompa’s!

So I survived the stag do (just about!) Was a really good weekend and hopefully we sent Wills off into married life in style. Particular highlights were Stu going away for an hour in the morning and coming back with a random number of teas, Matt saying he was born in Middlesbrough but was now Gloucester born and bred, sampling the curry hell, the visit to Saint James Park and the night out as Oompah Loompas.

What wasn’t so good however was the liquid dinners and cooked breakfasts, this weekend will have to go down as a fitness break and now I’m paying for it. I think I was sweating pure alcohol at training Tuesday!

Monday I finished off the driving with a pass plus and 6 hours straight in the car! Given me the driving bug now and I need to invest in a car ASAP! Tuesday we went off to Cardiff for a day out, so a good break was had. Sadly I’m now back at it, with a busy time at work and an even busier time training.

This week training is all about rugby. Tuesday was Dowty’s training and last night was Shedweb training. We had a good session and Jim took on a coaching role putting on some good skills training. The sessions are building nicely and hopefully we’ll put on a good show come May 8th. As always if you want to sponsor the lads for the event you can do so here.

Tonight is the main event of the week as it’s a midweek rugby match! Dowtys v Old Richians 3rds in the combination cup at Longlevens RFC. They have a big pack, it looks like a hot day and the ground is rock hard! I think I’ll be a bit sore tomorrow!

Saturday and Sunday is the beginning of the touch season, with a friendly game on Saturday and training Sunday (yes I know that’s the wrong way round really!) looking forward to it, touch is always good fun and bloody hard work.

I also can’t neglect Em in this rugby week so Friday night we are off to the Armagnac for a meal (someone say diet?) and a walk on Sunday weather permitting.

I’ve not touched a bike for my training yet and really need to rectify that with an event in May! Going to borrow my brothers sometime next week to get going on that I think and then once Em’s dad has serviced the bike I might start to look the part of a proper cyclist!

I’ve been fund raising about 3 weeks now and really chuffed to have made £135 already. It’s only a small amount of the target but a great start and thanks to all who’ve chipped in already. I’m also touched by the kind words of support from my friends and family it’s a great help. If you want to sponsor me then you can do so here.

Have a great weekend all, wish me luck for tonight and i’ll check back with you all soon!

Russ x


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