The 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 05 a song that reminds you of someone

So over on the book of face i’ve been doing this 30 Day Song Challenge just because it kills 5 minutes of bordem at work each day.

The challenge is to follow a list and upload a song each day that relates to the list. Todays for me was a song that reminds you of someone, so I went with one that reminds me of dad:

Yes its pretty cheesy and kiddy, but the challenge didn’t say it had to be a quality song (I like it anyway.) I think the video is as much the reson behind why it reminds me of dad more than anything, the film is pretty bad and got panned but remember watching it when I was younger and just crying me eyes out! Now it makes me happy and is a pretty inspiring song, I find it motivates me if i’m feel kinda sluggish and lazy.

I’ve also got a poem I really like that has the same effect but thats another post.

So what song’s remind you of people/inspire you?


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