I ache today. Yesterday was rugby day and it was a very physical game against Cheltenham Saracans. I enjoyed the game but it was a very frustrating one to play in, as the ref was one of their guys and only 17. Whilst he tried his hardest he was clearly influenced by their senior players and missed a lot at the rucks. Saracans deserved their win but I can’t help feel it would have been a closer game if reffed by an impatial old head! I look forward to playing them again sometime.

I’ve come away from the game with a nice sore ankle, not the one I broke thankfully, i sore wrist, a bad back and a minor black eye! Even by my injury prone standards thats quite an achievement. Luckily today is pencilled in as a rest day, so only the hardship of going to mums for a sunday roast and ps3! Back to the gym monday though!

So rugby takes a break this week, till the combination cup game on the 7th April. So its head down this week for a full weeks fitness training. Last week went well enough, although i was exhausted by thursday! I had to work late thursday to so missed a session of circuits but otherwise things are going along nicely. The diet changes are fine at the moment so need to keep it going.

Hopefully the lighter evening will help keep my motivation up and make it easier to get of my fat arse after work! Got to be careful not to overdo it at the weekend too; as its off to Newcastle for a stag do, so need to avoid eating crap where possible! (good luck with that!)


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