Looking the part

I’ve spent a bit of time playing around with my blog layout I hope you all like it! For someone who is a learning technologist its taking a bit of time for me to get my head around everything I can set up ! I still want to add a widget for my just giving page and a count down clock but can’t get these to work properly, so if anyone can help with that i’d be grateful.

So before we get down to the charity stuff, i’d like a moment to brag that i’ve finally passed my driving test! I’m well pleased to at last have that monkey off my back but not looking forward to the favours for lifts I’ll now have to repay!

I hope the blog is not to boring, i’m not a natural writer and its taking a while to develop an informative style. I also need to get the balance right on to much information, but the blog is as much for me to look back on this year and see what i’ve accomplished, so leads to a bit to much info sometimes being recorded for posterity!

So anyway to the preparations, and I’ve got a bike! My lovely Girlfriend Em‘s dad has kindly supplied this bike:

Me and this bike will be getting to know each other rather well!

Now if she’d buy me an xbox 360 or a chair to play playstation in, she’d be the perfect girlfriend! 🙂 It needs a little bit of work, some new tires and peddles but is in pretty good nick otherwise. I’m very grateful for this, as its saving me a small fortune. Its only a loan initially but there is the possibility of being mine permanently.

I’ve also invested in some cycling kit, just a water bottle, helmet and some shorts and top but its a start. I’m keen to get down to Dorset soon to get the bike, get it up and running and get out on it!

In the mean time i’m having to make do with circuits, gym and rugby; thats painful enough. I’m into day 3 of the new exercise routine and starting to feel it. It rugby training tonight and then circuit 2 of the week tomorrow, bring on the rest day friday! The weekend is a rugby match for Dowty RFC before a recover swim on sunday. Then its rinse and repeat next week! I hope my body gets used to this soon!

As well as this I have the small issue of a stag do to organise, which I need to be sensible on and not uundo the fitness on to much, pies are a definate no no. Sadly the liquid diet won’t be optional but I can keep the crap I eat down (as in not each to much of it, not bring it back up; that i can’t gurantee!)

Training tonight, is going to be interesting, I need to come up with some more interesting drills as we’ve not long to prepare for the game really, i’m hoping to give a real good go on it and to really push the cherrypickers all the way.

Thanks for reading as always, if you like what you’re reading then please sponsor me. I’ve set a challenge this month that if i reach a grand by the end of may, i’ll shave my legs, chest and back! Well i’ve got to look the part of a cyclist now haven’t I!


Cheers all,




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