It all begins today

Firstly a massive congratulations to Gloucester rugby on their LV cup final victory against Newcastle:

Great scences at the final whistle

It was great to be there and worth the pain of the other finals.

This ties into my charity drive as my dad was a huge Gloucester fan and its always a regret of mine, that I was not able to have a beer with him before or after a game and discuss the match. I was never old enough to appreciate the time we had together at the games and wish I could have more of them. Its a silly thing but I’m pretty jealous of my mates who get to go to the games with their dads. He never got to see Glos lift a trophy but I hope somewhere he got to see the game. I love rugby and wouldn’t appreciate the game like I do without him.

This ties into another charity event i’m involved with. This year I’m organising an event to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. The game sees myself and a load of other Glos fans take on the Cherrypickers a bunch of ex Glos fans. Its a tough game and a great challenge. If you want to know more and support this cause you can visit here. My dad never got to see my play rugby (I never started playing till he passed away) and I wish I could have seen him watching from the side lines. I’m sure he’d have been overly critical of how I played, like a true shedhead!

This week I’m starting the fitness drive fully and it’s going to be painful! I have two loads of circuit training, a rugby session, a visit to the gym, potentially a rugby match and a swim. If I survive that I have to repeat the process again next week!

I’ve not got on a bike yet, but hopefully that will be soon. My girlfriend has hopefully sourced me a bike from her dad, which I will be picking up as soon as possible.  I then have a massive list of kit I need to get! Once i’ve got that going i’m going to start cycling to work each day and start out with a 90 minute ride each weekend and build that up. There is a cheltenham to the Cotswolds bike ride for the BHF in may I’m hoping to be part of, to give myself a test of how fit I am and what I need to work on.

Right on that note, I need to go eat a nice healthy lunch, as I have my driving test this afternoon! (ekk) wish me luck, or sponsor me if you’d prefer:

later all,



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