The challenge ahead…

So tomorrow I have to go to the doctors and get signed off that my ankle is strong enough to do the challenge. Once thats done i’ve no excuses and its time to bang on with the training!

Being me i’ve not made it easy for myself! Now cyclists are normally quite skinny, racing snake like figures. I however as the pic shows am not!!!


I’m currently weighing in around 16 and a half stone, at 5’11 this makes my bmi around 33. Now it needs to be in the 20s so realistically I need to drop to 14 stone! So i’ve got 14 months to shift 2 and a half stone and get fit!

This sucks as I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world, I’m a whore for chocolate! So to counter this i’m going cold turkey. I might as well be giving up crack as hard as this will be! Bye bye crisps and chips, hello salads.

I also have to seriously up my fitness. Its better than it was but still a long way to go. My first task is to get down to circuit training at least twice a week , this is an absolute killer and i’m already seeing a benefit from this. I also need to buy a new hybrid bike so I can get out on the road as much as possible.

I’ll also aim to update this blog at least once a week and promise not to try and make it to dull. For now its back to work and getting fit!


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